Autocorrect Rubber Ducky Meme Geek Coaster I'm So Ducking Drunk

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The perfect addition for your game room, gaming nights, room parties at conventions, or anywhere you need a coaster. Our Autocorrect Rubber Ducky says it all. I'm so Ducking Drunk! Sold singly or in sets of 4.

Our coasters measure 4x4 inches square with rounded edges, and are made out of hardboard. Unlike stone or ceramic coasters, hardboard is extremely durable and will withstand falls from tables and counters onto hard floors, heat, and pressure from all types of drinking glasses and mugs. Also, the surface is glossy, won't stain or discolor, and can be cleaned with just a bit of window cleaner and a paper towel. The coasters are full-color, dye sublimation artwork. Dye sublimation is where the artwork becomes a part of the material, and won't scratch off or fade. 

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