About Us

Founded in 2008, Nani?Wear was created to fill a need in the anime fan community. We first began as an anime store in 2002, but noticed that the fandom had very little related fandom t-shirts and accessories. We started with one simple design, our Anime: Drugs Would Be Cheaper, and have grown since then. In 2013, we shuttered the anime store, and are now Nani?Wear full-time. Since then, we have branched out into Doctor Who, video games, superheros, and more. We are constantly creating new designs as fandom grows. We are a husband and wife team, with a background in graphic design, and love for anime and geek culture. In fact, that's where we met, at an anime club meeting. Our motto is By Fans, for Fans.

Unlike many geek sellers, we are proud that all of our merchandise is designed and created in Denver, Colorado in our shop. We maintain the highest attention to quality, and stand behind all of our products. If you have any problems with our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.