Autocorrect Rubber Ducky Meme Geek Car Vinyl Decal What the Duck

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Getting tired of bad autocorrect on your iPhone or Galaxy phone? Then, this button is for you! You meant to swear; you meant to say that! Duck you!

The decal is 4mil car vinyl and can adhere to any flat surface. Your decal will come already prepared on transfer paper. To apply: make sure the area is clean and dry. The remove the opaque backing paper leaving the decal adhered to the transfer paper. If the decal doesn't stick, lightly rub it against the transfer paper until it adheres. Position the decal where you want it, and peel back the transfer paper, pressing down firmly from the corner onwards, making sure to smooth out any bubbles.

Decal is 8" wide and 8" tall, including the text bubble.

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