Utena Inspired Bumper Sticker My Other Car Is Utena

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Want a good way to make people go "huh?". Even other anime fans? Relevant to those who've see "Utena the Movie", at which they will fall over laughing.

Utena Bumper sticker is white with black lettering and light red lettering. Monitors may display colors differently, and we try to show the most accurate colors.

Bumper sticker is made with waterproof and UV resistant polyester, with a permanent pressure adhesive. It's been printed on a high-end color laser printer, with UV resistant inks. It's guaranteed to last for years, even if you drive your Utena pink barbie-mobile through the crazy Utena pink barbie-car wash. Just don't let Akio drive. Bumper sticker measures 3" x 9".

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