Those staring eyes, that constant question, following you around. He seems to cute at first, pretty white fur, and big red eyes...that never move, a mouth that never opens...that stares...and always that question, "Would you like to make a contract?" Perfect mask for cosplay.

Our masks are 2-layered: one layer is 100% cotton, which is next to your face. The second layer is 100% polyester, which is dye sublimated. The ear attachments are soft nylon and lycra to provide comfort and stability. The masks cover from the nose to the chin. The mask will fit most adult faces. Mask is machine washable and dryable.

The art is dye sublimated, which means we can put any artwork on a mask. If you have any requests, you can send us via our comment form, or email us at info@naniwear.com.

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