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Our popular Carry On design with Baby now on a t-shirt.

Whose heart doesn't break a little every time they hear the beginning strains of that Kansas song at the beginning of every season finale. The road so far..who's gonna die this season? Carry on my wayward son...

Due to popular demand, we now have our designs on women's shirts! This is a short-sleeved dolman t-shirt in antique black, loosely fitted, with a wide boat neck. T-shirt is a premium triblend shirt, silk screened with professional environmentally friendly water-based inks. Perfect gift for the Supernatural fan, regardless whether they're a Dean girl, Sam girl, or Cas girl. Or even Luci! These are available in sizes S-XXXL. Designed and printed in Denver, Colorado.

**These shirts are offered as Print-To-Order.  Please allow 5-7 days for printing and shipping.

Measurements are as follows:
S (4-6): Chest 18.5", Length 26.25"
M (8-10): Chest 19.5", Length 26.75"
L (10-12): Chest 20.5", Length 27.25"
XL (12-14): Chest 22", Length 27.75"
2XL (14-16): Chest 23.5", Length 28.25"
3XL (16-18): Chest 25", Length 28.75"

Original design is ©Nani?Wear 2017.



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