Ragnarok Loki Inspired Double-Sided Color Change Mug

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This is a color change mug for Loki inspired by Thor Ragnarok and Infinity War. The artwork is revealed when hot liquid is poured inside, but will fade to black again as the liquid cools. The mug is double-sided, with one side saying "LOKI LIVES!" and the other with Loki appearing out of the fog and shadows as he lands on Asgard saying, "Your Savior Is Here".

By the way, when Loki "died" in Infinity War, he did not turn blue. Just saying...

The mug is NOT dishwasher or microwave safe, and requires handwashing. The heat from the dishwasher or microwave can permanently damage the color change feature. The artwork is dye sublimated, which is a process where the ink becomes part of the ceramic. This process makes it so that the artwork doesn't scratch off, peel, or fade.

Mug is standard sized 11oz mug. Artwork has a black background, with flames and white lettering. It comes shipped with gift box. Due to the weight of the mug and packing (>13 oz), this item ships Priority Mail in the United States, and First Class mail for anywhere outside of the US.

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