Don't you hate when you're driving, trying to get onto the freeway, and those morons drive slower, or even stop, even though, IT'S CALLED AN "ACCELERATION LANE" FOR A REASON???!!! Channel your inner Dalek, and let your bumper sticker do the shouting: ACCELERATE!! ACCELERATE!! YOU WILL MERGE!!!

Bumper sticker is gray and with red text, and the Dalek eye-stock. Monitors may display colors differently, and we try to show the most accurate colors.

Bumper sticker is made with waterproof vinyl that's a pressure-sensitive permanent adhesive, with a UV protective overly. It's been printed on a professionally with UV resistant inks, and guaranteed to last for years, or as old as The Doctor is.

Bumper sticker is 3" x 9".

Original design is ©Nani?Wear 2014.


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